As mentioned, my clarinet clinics at the Northern Manitoba Band Festivals were a main

source of information for the book. I also developed my basic jazz techniques soloing at the Northern Manitoba Jazz Festival and elsewhere around Manitoba, especially in Thompson.

My clinic papers for the students included some basic techniques, reed preparation, etc.

the usual.

    Two studies I learned from Leon Russianoff, the Tonguing exercise and the Fulcrum were

included as well as my own various triad exercises, left-right fingerings and some basics on trills.  There was an exercise on going over the altissimo break I learned from Jerome Sala,

my private teacher while in high school.  Mr. Sala (I will always call him that) was my

inspiration to pursue the clarinet and always to play everything musically, even exercises.

    For the clinics I added a few ideas on jazz—glissandos, note bending, etc.  I finished off the

Clinic notes with some “real oddball finger exercises”.

    All of the clinic material and the 50 short studies can be found throughout the 27 full page

etudes.  PDF samples (including 4 full page etudes) can be found at

               click on the book

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