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Tom Heimer is a native of Yonkers, N.Y. and was a student of Jerome Sala. He received his Bachelor of Music in performance at Queens College of the City University of New York where he studied with Leon Russianoff. He received his Master of Music in performance from the University of Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada) as a Teaching Assistant and Assistant Conductor. Mr. Heimer was a Band Director for many years in Thompson, Manitoba, where his bands won national and international awards, and was often a clarinet clinician and soloist at the Northern Manitoba Band Festivals. He has been a faculty member at the Saskatchewan School of the Arts summer band camp at Fort San, Sask. and has been a soloist throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Mr. Heimer was Co-Principal Clarinet of the Saint John and Area Orchestra (New Brunswick, Canada). In New York, Mr. Heimer has played with such groups as the Yonkers Philharmonic, Westchester Pops Band, first clarinet with the White Plains Pops Band, Solo E Flat Clarinet with the Yonkers Concert Band, and with the Port City Concert Band in Halifax. He is currently Principal Clarinet with the Westchester Band in New York since 1998 and has been a guest conductor and often featured soloist with the band. He and his wife Elizabeth reside in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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The Most Advanced Clarinet Book is a collection of exercises, explanations and philosophies. Most are the author's original ideas as a result of experimentation and a few are those of his teachers. They attack the structural deficiencies of the instrument and idiosyncrasies that are necessary to master in becoming an accomplished player.

Some drills are note for note from orchestral /solo works that happen to address specific technical problems. Practising alternate fingerings is always suggested, even in situations where they are not appropriate. The philosophy is that if they are used often enough they become "second nature" and part of your arsenal. Total familiarity with all possible "left/right" pinky fingerings encourages "even'' playing on all passages. "L-L'and'R-R'slides are always suggested even when not needed.. A "right-left" switch while sustaining a note is always something to practice, even when not necessary. Altissimo C# should always be played without the RH Eb key, even in fast runs. Throat Bb should be played with the right hand side key at all reasonable cost, unless smooth connection is compromised too much. Low B/top line F# played with the ring finger flute fingering has a better tone on some clarinets and improves flexibility of that finger. Play it that way even when it is obvious not to.

The clarinet hasn’t changed all that much since it's invention in 1690 or so. Overcoming its mechanical problems is mental and repetitional. Hopefully, this book will help.


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Here are a few sample etudes from my book, The Most Advanced Clarinet Book, explaining the technical aspects of a clarinet. Take a look at the given pictures.


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