Nielsen Clarinet Concerto

The Concerto for Clarinet by Danish composer Carl Nielsen is a "Most Advanced" work. Composed in 1928, it was his final large scale orchestral work. It is 10 pages - one long movement with four distinct theme groups. Almost everything in the book is relevant   to this piece, but here are a few examples of how the book's etudes would help -
-Multiple time signatures. 2/4, 2/8, 3/4and3/8

-Fast tonguing and same note staccato (book pgs. 29 & 30) in the various   cadenzas.

-Alternate fingerings (book pg. 10) in the first two cadenzas and other places.

-Fourths and Fifths, Small Skips (Pgs. 36,38) in the final  cadenza.

If you can play the etudes in The Most Advanced Clarinet Book you should be able to perform the Nielsen Concerto.

Tom Heimer, Clarinet
Betsy Wrana, Clavinova
Thompson, Manitoba 1990

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